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344.Biography : Stanley Kubrick (english version).

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Stanley Kubrick was born in New-York on 26th July 1928.His father, Jacques Leonard Kubrick was a pianist, photographer and a cardiologies. Kubrick’s father taught him chess at age 12 and the game remained a lifelong obsession. From 1941 to 1945, Kubrick attended William Howard Taft High School but he wasn’t talentied. Stanley likes photography.Then, he went in an official school photographer for a year.In 1946, he joint magazine « Look » .He had 16 years !!!
In 1951, Kubrick’s friend Alex Singer persuaded him to start making short documentaries for The March of Time, a provider of newsreels to movie theatres. Kubrick agreed, and shot the independently financed « Day of the fight » in 1951.


Afterwards, in 1953, he producted his first movie : Fear and Desire . In 1958, he got married with Christiane.Theiy had 2 children, Anya and Vivian.In 1962, Kubrick’s First UK film was Lolita. The next film was « 2001 : A Space Odyssey ».He is hailed by many as the best ever made.In 1971, Kubrick followed this with « A Clockwork Orange ».He made his own horror film : « The Shining » ( with Jack Nicholson and Shelley Duvall).Everybody was afraid. Kubrick’s subsequent work has been well spaced: it was seven years before Full Metal Jacket was released.Then, in 1999, Kubrick producted « Eyes Wide Shut ».This movie went the last movie.Stanley is died in 1999 in England.He was 70 years old.Everybody loved Stanley

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